Why Activa? USA Made Pet Food

Why Choose Activa?®

All the Activa USA Made Pet Foods are made right here in Texas using only ingredients sourced in the United States. Many brands, make their food in the USA but their ingredients come from USDA plants all across the globe. So even if they are made here, the meat, fat or vitamins could have come from any country, including China. China being the focus of many pet food recalls over the last few years.

Activa offers 5 unique product categories to make sure our customers have a wide range of options to meet their specific pet’s nutritional requirements:

  • The “base” line diets in 3 different protein sources
  • The No Corn/All Life stage diets in 5 different protein sources
  • The Grain Free Limited ingredient diets in 7 protein sources
  • The Baked food, in a single protein source and
  • The High Protein Grain Free line in 2 multi protein formulas.

Activa-GuaranteeThe Activa Satisfaction Guarantee:

We are so confident your dog will love their food we offer the Activa® satisfaction guarantee. If for whatever reason you and your dog is not completely satisfied with our food we ask you to bring the unused portion back to the store within 30 days and we will work to find the food that is perfect for your pet.