Rotational Feeding For Dogs and Pets

RotationalWe as humans don’t eat the same meal every day, so why do we typically limit your pet to the same daily food?  Too much of one food or nutrient, or too little of another can lead to serious health problems for both humans and pets.  Rotational feeding for dogs (or diet rotation) is simply the practice of feeding your pet a variety of proteins to help keep them interested in their food and allowing them to enjoy a more diverse and complete vitamin and mineral intake. Activa® dog food is formulated to make rotational feeding easy.  With our 7 protein sources spread over 3 distinct lines of food, you can give your dog the variety they crave, while keeping the likelihood of becoming allergic to a particular protein low.  

Rotational Feeding FAQ

While it is true that some pets can’t handle changing brands very well, rotating within a brand’s line of food can typically reduce the likelihood of an upset tummy.  For instance, rotating Activa® Chicken Base with Activa® Grain Free Pork wouldn’t be recommended since the formulas are different, however rotating between Activa® Grain Free Pork and Activa® Grain Free Lamb involves only a change in the protein source.
There is no set schedule you should follow when rotating foods.  Some folks switch daily, while others change weekly or simply when the bag runs out.  It is basically up to you and how your dog adapts to the new food.
Mixing foods will not provide the pet the same results as rotational feeding.  A pet will have the most benefit when cycling between different proteins on a periodic basis.
With Activa® Brand Pet Food, there is no right or wrong way to rotate your pet’s diet.  Overall your pet will benefit from the variety they are enjoying in heir diet.