Activa® FAQ

Activa Pet Food Questions

Yes, all Activa® products are manufactured in Texas.
All Activa® ingredients are sourced from USDA inspected & improved facilities located in the U.S.A.
While no pet food is the same, Activa® stands apart from other pet foods in many ways. For example, we eliminate the middle man by manufacturing our own pet food, allowing us to offer premium dog food at factory direct prices.
Technically gluten is only present in wheat and related grains (wheat, barley, spelt, rye ect) so anything not containing those grains should be gluten-free. To be even safer any grain-free formula would clearly be gluten-free (some people believe other grains also contain gluten).
Activa® pet food is formulated for all breeds of pets.  We focus on the age and activity level of a pet to help keep their weight and health consistent.
Activa® pet food does not contain artificial colors and preservatives.

Ingredient Questions

Corn is not a highly digestible ingredient, therefore your pet benefits less when eating.
Meal is simply a process of removing moisture from a meat before you use it. Meal can be thought of as concentrated protein. “By-Products” are the organs of the animal, liver, kidney, heart, etc. These organs are a great source of amino acids that help your dog’s overall health.
By law, ingredients must be listed by weight on an ingredient panel. Having meat listed as the first ingredient ensures there is more of that ingredient in the food than any other.